Skype Counseling

Although I live in the Los Angeles area, you can now do Shadow-work anywhere in the world with me. By making free video calls on Skype, we can meet face-to-face, as if we were in the office together, in the privacy of our own homes.

It works the same as local individual or marriage counseling and Shadow-work:

I will email you my paperwork, you can mail it back, signed, with my fee, and we will book an appointment at your convenience, considering time-zone differences. Then you will call me via Skype, and we will begin to romance your shadow together.

For more details about that, click on About Shadow-work.

To make an appointment for a counseling session, please email Connie.

When you are ready to pay for an appointment, please either mail a check to Connie Zweig, Ph.D. or click here to pay with Paypal.

“An enemy is like a treasure found in my house, won without labor of mine; I must cherish him, for he is a helper in the way to Enlightenment.”

Shanti Deva