Doing Shadow-work To Fulfill Your Dreams

You know what you want – a loving relationship, a creative career, a positive sense of self, a quiet, simpler life, financial stability, a greater contribution to others  – but some part of you acts out to sabotage it every time. Your conscious intent and your unconscious behavior are at odds when your shadow erupts.

It may seem random to you – dating that unavailable guy again, criticizing yourself harshly for a small weight gain, accepting too little gratification from your work, becoming irritable with your mother or your child, sacrificing too much to avoid losing love – but in each case your shadow is at work with a purpose: to bring old wounds into awareness and to help you heal them.

With Shadow-Work, you can learn to meet your shadow (make it conscious) and romance it (build an ongoing conscious relationship with it), so that you can stop that self-sabotaging behavior, meet the shadow’s deeper needs, and fulfill your dreams.

If you can’t control your eating, find yourself gaining weight, or disliking your body,

you may have a Foodie shadow…

If you put yourself last, always caring for others yet becoming resentful,

you may have a Pleaser shadow…

If you are single but keep choosing the same, wrong person again and again,

you may have a Pursuer or a Distancer shadow….

If you are in a committed relationship or marriage but keep breaking the intimacy with inappropriate behavior,

you may have a Single Guy/Single Gal shadow….

If you feel unappreciated, unacknowledged, misunderstood by friends or family,

you may have an Invisible Sue/Invisible Jim shadow….

If you struggle with an addiction to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, or sex, and can’t control it,

you may have an Addict shadow….

If you feel alone, inauthentic, and disconnected, even when you are with others,

you may have an Orphan shadow….

If you are in transition – leaving home, ending a relationship, grieving a loss, or entering midlife,

you may have a Stuck shadow….

If you can’t meet deadlines and procrastinate every time,

you may have a Procrastinator shadow…

If you are recovering from mistreatment by a religious or spiritual teacher and separating from a community, or losing your faith in God,

you may have a Spiritual shadow.

In all of these cases, you may feel helpless and ashamed when your shadow acts out but have no idea why it’s occurring or what to do about it.

Time to call the Shadow expert. Don’t sabotage yourself in this moment – contact me NOW for help.

Discover a hidden part of yourself, bring it into the light, and move toward fulfilling your dreams.

About Dr. Connie Zweig

Connie Zweig, Ph. D., a retired therapist, is co-author of Meeting the Shadow and Romancing the Shadow and author of Meeting the Shadow of Spirituality. She is a Certified Sage-ing Leader and is now writing THE INNER WORK OF AGE. She is blogging excerpts at You can connect on Facebook Or get book updates by request from
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2 Responses to Doing Shadow-work To Fulfill Your Dreams

  1. john says:

    sound interesting and in-depth. i need to intergrate my shadow and transform its negative energy into positive.

  2. I’m a college lecturer interested in Jungian psychology. I work with my shadow in order to improve both my teaching practice and student behaviour. I have converted my shadow dialogues into a series of animations which are available on my website Here is a dialogue with my inner rebellious teenager. Healing this part of my shadow had a positive impact in the classroom.

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