What Are the Benefits of Shadow-work?

Shadow Work Benefits

Before Shadow-Work, you are living an unexamined life: you automatically obey a shadow figure – overeating, criticizing yourself or your partner, blaming someone, procrastinating – which leads to uncontrollable, self-sabotaging behaviors.

After Shadow-Work, you cultivate a deeper self-knowledge, communicate more constructively, break the cycles of pain in your relationship, and retrieve your lost creativity. The more conscious your shadow figure becomes, the more it loosens its grip, and the more self-directed your life becomes. Your shadow figures no longer sabotage your conscious intentions.

If you are struggling with addiction or other impulsive behavior, you may no longer fall under the sway of this shadow figure;

If you are overwhelmed by anxiety or depression, you may uncover the shadow figure hiding in your moods and learn to tame it;

If you are feeling shame and low self-esteem, you may find a deeper self-acceptance;

If you are single and dating, you may no longer obey the shadow figure that chooses unavailable or inappropriate partners;

If you are committed/married but unable to resolve conflict, you may detect the shadow figure that is angry, or needs distance, or feels judged, or overwhelmed, or abandoned, and learn new tools to meet its needs;

If you are in a life transition, struggling with direction, you may find a new orientation;

If you are in a religious or spiritual crisis, you may discover new sources for renewal.

Through local or global Skype telephone counseling, Dr. Connie invites you to explore your shadow as a mystery, not as a problem to be solved or an illness to be cured. When the “Other” arrives, you can honor it as a guest and discover that it comes bearing gifts – a deeper self-knowledge and the possibilities of a conscious life.